Nikki Beaver


Nikki is a highly skilled strategist and lobbyist with an impressive background in governmental affairs, public policy, and public relations. As a Partner at Executive Strategies, Nikki is dedicated to helping clients align their business strategies with supportive public policy and leveraging grassroots lobbying efforts to create meaningful impact.

With a strong foundation in media creation, messaging, and campaign management, Nikki has successfully managed political campaigns and public policy initiatives in sectors such as technology, agriculture, and smart cities. Her expertise in crafting influential media campaigns and targeted messaging has been instrumental in generating grassroots enthusiasm for both candidates and policy endeavors.

Nikki excels at building coalitions and fostering relationships within legislative branches to pass specific legislation and develop foundational working relationships with key stakeholders. Her experience in private-public partnerships has been instrumental in driving successful outcomes for clients across various industries.

With a proven track record in managing high-profile projects and navigating complex legislative environments, Nikki is a valuable asset to clients seeking to achieve their goals and expand their reach in a competitive marketplace. Her work has been recognized in the publication DailyCaller

Tyler Beaver


Tyler is an accomplished strategist and lobbyist with a proven track record in governmental affairs, public policy, and PR. He specializes in creating customized solutions for clients to navigate complex legislative and regulatory environments, secure successful outcomes, and drive growth.

With extensive experience in managing high-profile political campaigns, crafting targeted media messaging, and advocating for public policies across sectors such as technology, agriculture, space, AI, energy, and smart cities, Tyler has generated grassroots enthusiasm for candidates and policy endeavors. His lobbying successes include working with notable organizations founded by members of the Kennedy family, and collaborating with influential super PACs.

Tyler's expertise is recognized in major publications such as Bloomberg News, New York Post, Yahoo News, The Washington Times, and DailyCaller, making him a trusted advisor for businesses and organizations aiming to align their strategies with supportive public policies and expand their reach in a competitive marketplace.

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